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Royal Reuse Rumble

The boy birthday is a different sort of animal. There’s usually lots of energy, competition, curiosity, excitement, and hands on activities. So when my friend Becky said she was considering hosting her sports loving son’s birthday at DIY Studio, we got excited. She told me 

Creative Reuse & Kid Ingenuity Equals fun for All

What does a crafty boy do at his dad’s auto part shop for a summer? He creates a DIY cardboard arcade. Why not, right? Check out this video to see 9 year old Caine’s story of creating fun games and what happens when social media 

13 Nights of Halloween, Community Craft

Okay all you Salemites, how many of you have heard of Culture Shock’s 13 Nights of Halloween? Timed perfectly for the dark, dank nights of October, this event (err series of events) is something worth celebrating. There is excitement planned for everyone whether you seek 

Kiddo Valentines

I mustache you a question… Will you be my Valentine? This was so simple to do. I started by purchasing black felt with a sticker back. I cut out a mustache and asked my kids to pose so I could get pictures. I then designed 

Homemade Therapy Putty

It’s called a lot of things, goo, goop, silly putty, therapy putty. But no matter what you call it, it’s super easy to make and lots of fun to play with. Purchasing therapy putty can be expensive, but, with a little time and effort, you 

School Auction, 2nd Grade Class Artwork

I’ve been up to my elbows in projects, not that I’m complaining! The McKinley School auction is this Friday (eek… tomorrow!) and I’m finishing up some last minute details for the second grade class artwork that will be auctioned off.  Remember this project for the 

Kindergarten Classroom Art Project 2

Remember the Kindergarten project that I’ve been working on for the school auction? Check out the progress thus far! And look closely, you’ll see miniature works of art by the children on shrinky dinks that now have been encrusted in mortar. You’ll also see rhinestone 

Fairy Art Party

I had such a fun time with this set of girls. The birthday girl loves Fairies and Art so we decided to combine the two for this fun filled birthday party. First I kicked off the party by painting each girl’s face with the item 

First Day of School

First Day of School

Both kids went back to school today. Little Man started off at a new preschool, and Little Missy when off to first grade which is a big adjustment since it is full day. Gosh, they are getting so big! Bring on the tissues…. Little Man 

First Art Show

First Art Show

Little Missy entered into her first art exhibit this summer (thanks Angela for letting me know about this!). The Salem Public Library hosted the fun event. Each child was given a button with their name followed by the title “artist”. The reception consisted of cake 

Cargo Pants Repurposed

I had some Cargo Pants laying around that were too big. It’s so nice to write this since lately my pants are too tight! The pants were sitting around in the donate pile for awhile since I haven’t made a donation run in some time. 

Toaster Deconstruction

The kids had a blast taking apart the toaster. Love my sweet little elves!

Trick-or-treating Fun

Little Man was thoughtful enough to match his belt to Missy’s dress.