Month: February 2011

Meet Sally My Soldering Iron

I’m getting ready to teach my first ever soldering workshop, tomorrow. Such a thrill. I’ve soldered since the birth of my first born when we relocated to Prineville Oregon, a little town smack dap in the middle of Oregon. We didn’t know a soul there 

As Random as Snow in February

Today was our first snow day…well two hours late at least. So we played outside in our almost an inch dusting. We had a micro snowball fight as well as built a small snowman. Little Man had no school, however Little Missy went later in 

DIY Organic Veggie Garden, Step One: Planning

The cold, Canadian air is moving down into the valley this week. The kids are giddy at the possibility that school may be canceled. I too am happy. A snow day means more time for me to play. Surely I’ll play with the kids, cozy 

Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses

I got my Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter in the mail and had to try it out for you. See how it’s all about you reader? I try my best! For awhile now I’ve wanted to cut bottles. After doing research online to see which 

The Talented Folks at Salem Etsy Team

Are your bulbs popping up yet? Mine are! Spring is coming soon my friend. Two of my most favorite spring colors are featured in this treasury put together with products and artwork from the talented folks at Salem Etsy Team. Inspired by fresh blades of 

Springtime in Salem, a painting

Did any of you Salemites witness the crazy hail storm today? Our neighborhood was quickly blanked in little hail balls around noon. It was surely a fun site to see. I was busy rushing the kids into the car for a doctor’s appointment (Little Missy 

Travel the Trail

Technology, isn’t it amazing? Flashback White knuckles at the Apple IIe, I feverishly push the up, down and over keys to point my trigger. A bunny is hoping from the right and a deer is coming at me at 10 o’clock. I go for the 

Sharing the Love of Crafting with you this Valentine’s Day

Finally finished with my first stop motion animation as well as my first song ever. This took a while for me to put together…almost 400 frames as well as photoshop work but it was fun. I made the puppet from the same process as I’ve 

Another Freebie- Gandhi’s top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World

I love change…I’m addicted to it. And I adore this free poster made by 20 year old graphic design student, Francesca Ramos. I’m printing one out now to hang in the studio. You want to do the same? Click this link. How do you feel 

Kindergarten Classroom Art Project 2

Remember the Kindergarten project that I’ve been working on for the school auction? Check out the progress thus far! And look closely, you’ll see miniature works of art by the children on shrinky dinks that now have been encrusted in mortar. You’ll also see rhinestone 

Valentine Fun- an After Work Craft Party

Themed parties are always fun, especially when celebrated with a lively group of women. I had a hoot with this bunch last time for holiday craft night, making ornaments and rings. And they returned to the studio again for charm bracelets and glitzy magnet making. 

Vintage Wallpapers

Love, love, love the cool free wallpaper at Fossil. Want to spiff up your desktop or phone? Check out the cool graphics Fossil is offering for free. I was so inspired by the beautiful desktop wallpaper I even cleaned up my desktop folders. Down from 

Happy Birthday Jules Verne and thank you Google!

Google I adore you! I love how you tap into my brain and give me a tool that is useful with a playful flair!I love your Google logos aka Doodles. Today Google features Jules Verne the Father of Science Fiction. I’m going to fess up 

And the Winner Is…

drum roll please…. The winner is….. Everyone! What? Yep everyone! Since I only had a handful of responders and it was a very short contest, I will make everyone a felt pin. So everyone is a winner! Don’t ya love that sound? I love being