Month: May 2011

Largest Peanut Butter Cup, a Tasty Birthday Surprise

Lucky hubby has his birthday every year during Memorial weekend. I tease him that he doesn’t get a birthday, it’s more like a birthweek, or birthweekend. Needless to say, we love to celebrate it with him and enjoy making him feel special. This year we 

Photo Booth Fun

The carnival was so much fun! I created this simple photo booth with a few props, a few sheets and a hula hoop. It was great fun and the kiddos seemed to love it. This photo booth idea would be a fantastic experience for a 

Carnival Time, Free Photoshop Brushes

Ah, it’s carnival time! Can you smell the popcorn? Hear the Wurlitzer organ playing, or taste the sweetness of cotton candy melting on the tip of your tongue? I’m a very lucky girl who is putting together a creative photo booth for the guests. I’m 

Chicken Coop De Ville

Our girls are getting bigger and a bit awkward looking.  They went from this to this: They are learning to fly and even fly out of their brooder at night. So now is the time for me to get the coop ready. We’ve decided to 

Fieldtrip with Friends, Fessler Nursery and Bauman’s Farm

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to experience a magical day. I’ve been friends with these ladies since our oldest children attended preschool together, five years now. We each have two children and right now our youngest all go to different schools so it’s wonderful when they 

Teacher Appreciation Week and Godfrey Nursery

Yep it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week. One of my most caring friends Kim called and reminded me. She asked what I was doing…and my mind went blank. So off to the nursery I went! Who doesn’t like pretty flowers right? I decided to go to 

The Great Escape

The deep roots of yesteryear draws me closer. With the sound of crunching gravel beneath my feet I explore the beauty of the gardens. Song birds perform a chorus among the tree canopy while native blooms flaunt their vibrant hues. Here there are no pending