Month: October 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope you’re having a wonderful Halloween with your family!

Halloween Projects

Here’s a couple of Halloween projects I’ve been working on: Jack-o-lantern Carving I love cutting into a fresh pumpkin, inhaling the rich tangy smell, and getting my hands sticky gooey scooping out the guts. Without pumpkin carving, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same. This year 

A Hoot and a Half

I’m getting so excited for Quinlan’s 9th birthday party. Her momma called and reserved DIY Studio for the event and let me know Quinlan wanted an Owl and Bird themed party. So I got to work brainstorming some possible ideas. After Quinlan polled her friends, 

It’s not too late to Register

I’m sitting in my living room, sweater on, sipping warm tea, and watching golden leaves float from the trees. I am simply giddy knowing that Fall is here and All Hallow’s Eve is right around the corner. I can’t think of a better way to 

Gaining Focus and Learning the Art of Promotion

Have you read the Real Living section of the Statesman Journal today? DIY Studio got its first shout out by a newspaper! And even cooler, Emily from Desperatly Seeking Salem wrote this very kind and flattering blog post about DIY Studio in October. And now 

Fresh Start Cider

Nothing is better than fresh cider in the fall. Lucky for me I have a conscience-stricken hubby who got coffee (something the both of us are trying to cut out of our lives) and to offset his error (and appease his unpredictable caffeine depraved wife) 

Making Potion Necklaces

I’m so excited to be a part of the first ever DIY Studio party. I will be out on location at Leah’s Spooktacular Birthday and the birthday girl requested that I lead the efforts of making special potion necklaces. With that in mind, I’ve set 

Dreamers Into Doers

I stumbled upon a Dreamers Into Doers, a community made by the smarty pants people of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Apparently, this group has been together a while now (can’t find the launch date).  But since I’m typically a bit behind in the whole social