Fresh Start Cider

Nothing is better than fresh cider in the fall. Lucky for me I have a conscience-stricken hubby who got coffee (something the both of us are trying to cut out of our lives) and to offset his error (and appease his unpredictable caffeine depraved wife) , brought home a gallon of delicious apple cider. And let me tell you this stuff is liquid gold!

I’ve visited Fresh Start Market a handful of times. I’ve purchased our earth machines there, ordered hot chocolate for the kiddos, bought plants, and recycled our styrofoam. It’s been lovely to bring my children into the market to pick out produce (grown by kids) and enjoy lunch made by youths who are paying back restitution while leaning job skills. But never before have I tried their cider. We usually visit  Bauman’s for cider, but Fresh Start Market’s cider was just as refreshing and sweet. So if you haven’t stopped by the market yet, do so. Pick up your own gallon of liquid gold. And maybe have a coffee. Just don’t tell your spouse (wink, wink).

Also, let me know your favorite pumpkin patch. Our patch wasn’t so prolific this year and I’d love to hear your tip!