Making Potion Necklaces

I’m so excited to be a part of the first ever DIY Studio party. I will be out on location at Leah’s Spooktacular Birthday and the birthday girl requested that I lead the efforts of making special potion necklaces. With that in mind, I’ve set off on a journey to collect some of the most exotic specimens available for potion making.

Here’s the list of ingredients that the guests can choose from:

Holy Water (rubbing alcohol)
Dragon Tears (Mineral Oil with added green oil paint for color)
Witch’s Blood (Mineral Oil with added red oil paint for color)
Beetle Juice (Mineral Oil with added purple oil paint)
Water of Beauty (Mineral Oil, plain)
Fairy Dust (Silver glitter)
Bat Wings (black sequins cut to size)
Toe Nails (yellow iridescent sequins cut to size)
Green Goblin Dust (green micro glitter)
Wishing Stars (tiny star confetti)

Now for a cool trick. Add some rubbing alcohol (ahem, Holy Water) to your mini bottle. Add colored mineral oil and you’ll see that the mineral oil will float in the alcohol like a lava lamp. Add micro glitter for fun but be cautious of regular sized glitter since it may mix with the mineral oil and then make it sink to the bottom. Try adding other creative substances for a concoction of your own.  And because I love you, you too can mark your specimens with these DIY Studio free tags. Download them here!

With a little imagination, whimsy and a touch of magic, these girls will leave the party with bottles full of their potion, to be used for good or evil, it’s their choice. So if you are feeling naughty or nice, whip up some magical potions of your own!