Month: December 2012

Top 10 Upcycled Projects

Here’s a list of some of my favorite DIY Studio projects: 1. Natural Bird Feeder 2. Bike Chain Bracelet 3. Dining Table Facelift 4. Decoupaged Desk 5. Upcycled Hat and Mitten Set 6. Stylish Produce Bags 7. Pop Bottle Solar Tubes 8. Shrinky Dinks and 

Your Crafting Spirit Animal

Creating is such an intense process, wouldn’t it be so much easier with a guide? Use this helpful chart to find your Crafting Spirit Animal and make sure to leave your unique creature name in the comments below!  

Salem Etsy Craft Fair, Craft Fair Set Up

Don’t ya just love the smell of a craft fair in the morning! DIY Studio showed up to accept donations toward opening the first ever Creative Reuse Center in Marion County. Not a lot of people know what a creative reuse center is, so it 

12 Days of Reuse, DIY Cat Toy

If you have a feline friend, don’t forget her during the holidays. It’s so easy to whip up this polar fleece cat toy. And by making it with materials that you can find around the house, you can get creative and be frugal while showing 

12 Days of Reuse, Bike Chain Earrings

In keeping with our bike themed project from yesterday, we now have a Bike Chain Earrings tutorial. These would be perfect gifts for bicyclists or recyclists. The Bike Peddler was kind enough to donate a worn out chain. And it’s not just chains that they 

Upcycled Holiday Ornaments

It was a fun night of familiar faces and reuse galore! We transformed corks, toilet paper tubes, and newspaper into tasteful ornaments. DIYstudio along with Culture Shock Community Project sponsored the event. If you missed us be sure to join us for the next reuse 

12 Days of Reuse, Bike Chain Bracelet

Know any bicyclists or recyclists? We’ll, I have just the gift to give to them. Bike Chain Bracelets! The Bike Peddler was kind enough to donate a worn out chain. And it’s not just chains that they donate. Bike Peddler’s Eric Vickers along with fabulous 


Most know IKEA for their ready-to-assemble, affordable, furniture. They’ve been around since 1943 and have a history of trying to be eco-friendly as well as their attention to cost control and product development. After sitting down to peruse the most current catalogue I noticed another 

12 Days of Reuse, Homemade fabric spray painted t-shirts

Is it just me or do you too have a bunch of old t-shirts with stains or that just don’t get worn? We’ll have no fear friend, I’ve got a solution just for you. Check out the latest and greatest 12 Days of Reuse video 

12 Days of Reuse

Let me confess. It’s the beginning of December and I feel behind already. I haven’t even gotten rid of my Thanksgiving pumpkins (thankfully my neighbors are kind people).  But it’s not too late to whip up a thoughtful, handmade gift. Now is the best time 

Time to get Funded

This morning I’m singing a tune “Wake me up with Indiegogo“. Wham, yep I just went there! We just kicked off our first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (actually folks this is our first fundraising campaign ever!) and we are looking for your help to spread 

Great Press

Have you picked up your lasted copy of Salem Weekly or read Willamette Live online? We’ll inside you’ll find a fabulous article about DIY Studio! It’s our first press for the creative reuse center and this is just the beginning! Make sure you pick up