Most know IKEA for their ready-to-assemble, affordable, furniture. They’ve been around since 1943 and have a history of trying to be eco-friendly as well as their attention to cost control and product development. After sitting down to peruse the most current catalogue I noticed another accomplishment they can add to their long list. IKEA goes DIY.

That’s right folks. Nestled in the pages of the IKEA catalog with their products, you’ll find nifty DIY project ideas on how to transform IKEA projects into unique conversation pieces. It’s subtle but my DIY sniffer can distinguish a DIY craft from miles away. You know they teach that in Forensic Craftology school right? I digress. Perhaps they too follow the IKEA HACKERS site where bloggers and DIY experts transform IKEA furniture and accessories into clever new designs. Or maybe they’ve read Apartment Therapy’s article on how to “Customize IKEA Furniture”. Nonetheless, I think it’s cool that IKEA is spotting the trend and embracing it. No longer are folks content with out of the box furniture and instead consumers want to add their own flavor to the things they own.

Let me show you some of the clever finds I found:

IKEA says: “Cover up.  Tired of your old chest of drawers? Try covering it with fabric. All you need is a staple gun, fabric and scissors.”

DIY Studio says: Although I doubt that a staple gun is the best way to go about covering a dresser with fabric, I love the idea. Instead of a staple gun, I prefer using mod podge because the edges would be sealed. Fabric likes to unravel and can also attract dirt and dust. Sealing it with mod podge is an easy fix. Check out this desk where we used scrapbook paper and mod podge.

IKEA says: “Fabric on the ceiling isn’t only a fun way to decorate. It also absorbs noise.”

DIY Studio say: “Absolutely! It’s fun looking at things from a different angle. I once put my daughter’s multiplication tables up on her ceiling so she could lay back and get some studying  in. Good job IKEA at looking at surfaces in a new way.”

I’m not sure about the mugs, well what would you call them, cup chimes? I’m not sure but it looks cool. I am a fan of swagging fabric to create a tent-like feeling. But at 7.99 a yard, well that will set you back a bit. Why not use vintage sheets?

IKEA says: “Personalize REGOLIT with markers or paint.”

DIY Studio say: “Indeed, a fun way to add your own style. You could even add personal photos, maps, or images to these for awesome party lighting”.

IKEA says: “TARVA is made of untreated pine. Beautiful in itself, of course, but easy to paint any way you like.”

DIY Studio says: “This dresser would surely be a conversation piece. I totally imagine this dresser in a teen’s room (like really!). And with paint the possibilities are endless. Colorful, fun and inspiring!” IKEA says: “The VIKA AMON VIKA ADILS table has been dressed with LIALOTTA fabric. Attach the fabric onto the table by using a staple gun.”

DIY Studio says: “Plastic-coated fabric to the rescue! This stuff is great and can be found at other stores listed as oil cloth. This is a simple way to update a piece of furniture quickly and is practical as well.” From left to right, top to bottom.


  •  IKEA says: “A simple white curtain can become a piece of art made by you”.
  • DIY Studio says: “Embroidery hoops are fun things and can be re purposed. I’m not digging this style, however DIY is up to the DIYer. If it makes someone happy then so be it.”


  • IKEA says: “DUKEN headboard can be dressed with fabric covers for a different look and comfort.”
  • DIY Studio says: “The “Sweet dreams” embroidery is simply wonderful. “


  • IKEA says: “Glue textile strips onto LACK shelves and personalize your storage space.”
  • DIY Studio says: “Such an easy update. I’ve been known to use crepe paper streamers cut in scallops to dress up our shelves. I’ve even added gift wrap to the back of our shelves for extra pizzazz. It’s amazing what a little DIY quick fix can do to change your environment. “

I don’t think IKEA sells chalkboard paint but this idea is super fun. And pink floors? Well yes please!

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