Month: August 2011

Beautiful Blueberry Scones

                    We went blueberry picking and came home with a huge bucket full of large, flavorful berries. So I set off to find some delicious recipes. I stumbled upon this recipe for blueberry scones and since 

Experience the Rainbow with Dye

We had lots of Dharma dye left over from our tie dying party And I came across many yards of trim that was an ecru color. As much as I loved the design of the trim, I wasn’t so keen to the colors. So 

Celebrating Each Birthday

Many times our children’s birthday parties do not fall on their actual birthdays. So to make up for this, we like to celebrate actuall birthdays with a couple of traditions. One fun way of us celebrating is covering the birthday boy or girl’s door frame 

Tie Dye Party

Long gone are the over the top birthday parties inviting friends and family and more friends and family. Nope, this momma is pooped! So this year we decided to have a very quiet and still meaningful birthday celebration for our 6 year old! For our 

Me II, a duct tape dress form

Hubby thinks I’m crazy and now is questioning his own sanity. With duct tape in hand he spins me around like a mummy. I can barely move. My breathing is shallow and I’m overheating in my suit of duct tape. But I know the end 

Decoupaged Desk

From the minute I brought her home, she was surrounded in pink. It wasn’t until this year she declared her love for blue. So with a heavy heart I painted her room a pretty blue. Yes, I know she is growing up but I still