Me II, a duct tape dress form

DIY duct tape dress form

Hubby thinks I’m crazy and now is questioning his own sanity. With duct tape in hand he spins me around like a mummy. I can barely move. My breathing is shallow and I’m overheating in my suit of duct tape. But I know the end result is well worth the 1.5 hour duck wrapping effort. In true Buffalo Bill fashion, I’m creating a skin suit of me.

Any woman who has tried on a dozen dresses understands why I’m going to this extreme. Women are built so differently, between torsos, shoulders, arms and breasts, our body shapes differ dramatically. Yet dress forms are pretty standardized, which makes no sense at all. Why spend countless hours picking out fabric and pattern, cutting and sewing to make something that doesn’t fit well? And if you’ve ever tried to take in clothes by pinning them with the garment on, you’d understand my quest.

Let me introduce you to Me II.

sewing dress form, DIY dress form

Isn’t she a beauty? Sure she looks a little silvery now but I have big plans for this girl. I’m going to dress her up in my best fabrics and make her lovely clothes. And like any kind girlfriend she’ll lend me them to wear as well.

So you want to make a Me II clone? No problem! Here’s a link to the directions.

For kicks I let the kids try on Me II before stuffing her.

Too bad I didn’t create hands on this form…then Me II could get some dishes washed.

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