The Red Thread Art Show

The Red Thread Art Show

Western Oregon University | Cannon Gallery
Show: September 27- October 27, 2023
Reception: Thursday, Oct 5 | 4-6 pm

”An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet” 

That ancient Chinese proverb could apply to our “band” of diverse Salem Oregon artists exhibiting together at WOU. We are a group of individual artists working in a variety of mediums and intentions. We may use paint, clay, collage, and fibers to express ourselves. At our monthly meetings, we talk about art, sometimes we make art together, exhibit together, travel, and always — we support each other and share our lives. Were we destined to meet? Perhaps. Regardless, we are lucky to have the consistent togetherness that comes with familiarity and shared passions.

In addition to the works on exhibit that represents their current practice, each of the artists has selected an item from their stash of materials to share with every member of the group to use in a unique work to include in this exhibition. Those pieces are literally imbued with a collective spirit. 

The story of the red thread is deeply rooted in many cultures. In addition to the Chinese folklore that link it to fate and destiny, other cultures identify the symbol with luck and prosperity, protection and well-being, love and passion, and human connection. All concepts that bring people together.

As you explore “The Red Thread,” we hope that you will discover the visible and invisible threads between the artists, their individual and collective relationship to art and to each other, and the shared experiences and stories that connect us all.

Thank you, Paula Booth and everyone who has supported this exhibition.

Band of Artists Collective
Elisabeth Baumann
Dayna Collins
Nancy Eng
Lucy Hewitt
Bonnie Hull
Susan Napack
Jessica Ramey
Katy Vigeland
Kay Worthington

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