Month: March 2011

Frugal Living, Saving the DIY Way

Sometimes I think it’s a struggle but for all the things we have “given up” I know we’ve gained lots more. I feel thankful I’ve been able to be with my kids full-time while they grow. My life is simple yet so very rewarding. Living 

Singing in the Rain, Survive the Rain

Kids, I love um! How they find such joy in simple things in life. When we were a bit depressed that Spring Break was getting rained out, we saved the day and broke out umbrellas. How my kiddos loved dancing, singing and twirling around outdoors. 

Peas if you Please, a Simple Veggie Trellis

Ah, spring is here! Can you see it past all of this rain? Time to start getting the garden ready. I’ve been a busy gal pulling mint, crab grass, and crazy strawberries that have run amok. Never again will I plant mint unless in containers. 

Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts and Preschool St. Patty’s Party and a Bad Momma

This is my day so far… “Hurry up so you won’t be late for school”, I tell my kiddos as they hop out of the car. I watch my 5 and 8 year olds rush down the sidewalk toward the school. Great, I’ll still have 

Art Party

Art Party

An arty party full of glitter and “goldens” (what the little girl calls gems). This is what happens when you get three, four, and five year olds together for a party. Giggles, silly faces, messy art and lots of fun! As soon as guests arrived 

Giveaway- Fortune Shaker Necklace and Blog Party

Giveaway- Fortune Shaker Necklace and Blog Party

When I was asked if I could participate in the Lex’s blog party I looked to my snazzy Fortune Shaker Necklace for guidance. My fortune read “Now is the Time”. I love a little creative motivation, don’t you? Not only have I decided to be 

A Creative Walk

My assignment for myself…while walking to pick up my daughter from school, I’ll take a picture of everything that I find beautiful. I’ll stop to examine the sky and the ground and really look at my surroundings rather than rushing by. It was a lovely 

Perfectly Primer Alphabet Necklaces

Finished a new style of necklace today. Check out these funky hinged beauties. Inspired by my son’s Kindergarten class, these perfectly primer alphabet necklaces are a hoot to wear and play with. You choose the letter and the soldering style (straight up modern or zig 

Made it in my First Magazine, Artisan Jewelry made in Salem

I get a call from Marion Barnes, the editor for Willamette Woman. After seeing the fabulous article by Cindy Ulshafer, South Salem Today–Statesman Journal, she asks if I’d like to be featured in Willamette Woman. Oh no, my stomach fills with butterflies and I feel 

School Auction, 2nd Grade Class Artwork

I’ve been up to my elbows in projects, not that I’m complaining! The McKinley School auction is this Friday (eek… tomorrow!) and I’m finishing up some last minute details for the second grade class artwork that will be auctioned off.  Remember this project for the 

Simply Soldering Workshop

It was a drippy Sunday in Oregon but that didn’t put a damper on our spirits. A group of creative ladies came to the art studio to polish their soldering skills. Some have soldered before and for others it was their first time. We talked