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An arty party full of glitter and “goldens” (what the little girl calls gems). This is what happens when you get three, four, and five year olds together for a party. Giggles, silly faces, messy art and lots of fun!

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As soon as guests arrived in the art studio we got started on making crowns. Children had gemstones, buttons, foam flowers, feathers and wiggly eyes to embellish with. They also used crayons, colored pencils and markers to draw.

GlitterSome children were done before others so I brought out lots of paper for the kids to create with. The glitter glue was the hit of the party because the kids enjoyed mixing it and experimenting with the colors.

drawing and creating with kids

Next I brought out some fun frames I made with colorful paper silhouettes that I glued onto cardstock. Make sure you have lots of fun and colorful supplies and hand wipes for children to use.

a children's art storyNext I read the children “Little Green” by Keith Baker. I like to include some element of learning either a story or a lesson in each party at DIY Studio. Because of the young ages, I picked this book. It’s about a little boy who is painting. He looks out his window and spies a little hummingbird flitting about. The illustrations were vivid and exciting and I like that the illustrator added lines showing the flight path of the bird. I asked the children to make similar lines with their fingers in the air. This kept them entertained. Then the last page of the book (spoiler alert hah, hah (sorry I’m in a strange mood today)) the last page shows what the little boy’s painting is. He painted how the little bird zig, zagged, dipped, flitted, curly-qued and few in the air. It’s a fabulous book to introduce the element line to small children. After reading the book we sat down to draw our own lines with paint. It was time to break out the finger paint!

The children explored eewy gooey paint on their fingers, hands and smocks. They mixed colors, painted both additive and subtractive styles, and had a fun mess. Here’s a tip: I added dish soap to the paint so that clean up was a cinch!

After getting cleaned up, it was cake time and time for blowing out the candles.

4th birthday party

And to reward the artists? Cake and ice cream for all (and perhaps some more finger painting?)

It was a wonderful fourth birthday!

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