Month: January 2013

Make Your Own Swiffer Wetjet Cleaning Solution, Swiffer Hack

I’m a big fan of anything that makes cleaning easier and the Swiffer Wetjet promised to be my cleaning aid. The kids also got in on the cleaning action. They loved the squirting feature so much, they would quickly run through an entire bottle of 

Thank You!

Many, many thanks to our supporters of our first DIY Studio, indiegogo fundraising campaign for being a part of a creative reuse revolution! We’ve learned a lot of things from this campaign. The first and most important thing is we have very supportive followers who 

Free Art Friday

  DIY Studio is proud to announce that we have started a group, Free Art Friday in Salem! We are hitting the streets of Salem every Friday leaving FREE artwork for strangers to find and keep, no strings attached. Friday, January 18, we’ll kick off 

Marion County Master Recyling Newsletter and Classes

Many thanks to Marion County for promoting DIY Studio in its January 2013 addition of the Marion County Master Recycling Newsletter. Sign up to receive the newsletter in your inbox by contacting Beth Myers-Shenai at or 503-588-5169 x5920. I took the Marion County Master 

Salem’s Acid Ball to Eco-Earth, a Creative Reuse Project

The more you think about creative reuse, the easier it is to find examples of it. One of Salem’s most impressive creative reuse projects can be found at Riverfront Park. This 10 ton globe tank came to Salem in August 7, 1960 from the Portland 

A Creative Reuse Center 4 You

There are only few more days left of our online fundraising campaign. We have accomplished lots so far. We have raised enough to apply for our non-profit status and the rest is going into the kitty to be used for a space. Have no fear, 

Creative Reuse, Past, Present and Future

Ah the holidays. That time of year when families gather, share stories and laughter as well as reflect on the year. This holiday I had the joy of explaining what a creative reuse center is to a room full of relatives. After a simple mix