Thank You!

DIY Studio fundraisingMany, many thanks to our supporters of our first DIY Studio, indiegogo fundraising campaign for being a part of a creative reuse revolution!

We’ve learned a lot of things from this campaign. The first and most important thing is we have very supportive followers who also believe that Salem needs a creative reuse center. We also learned that there are still many folks who aren’t familiar with the term “creative reuse center”. I like to think of it like a thrift store for creatives with the added bonus of classes, a gallery for selling artwork, and a community center that will sponsor events and camps.

We raised 10% of our goal with $3185 donated (minus indiegogo and paypal fees). We had 26 backers and 405 likes on Facebook!

We are trying our very best to promote creative reuse and educate our community about all the benefits of a opening a creative reuse center. And because we haven’t funded yet, that gives us plenty of time to continue to educate, build connections with business partners and volunteers, apply for grants,  and work on curriculum. The money that was raised will sit in our savings account and we’ll continue to work toward our mission of opening the first ever creative reuse center in Salem.

We have some exciting events coming up, Free Art Friday, Creative Reuse Nights at the Library, as well as other projects we haven’t announced yet. So be sure to keep following us and spread the word! We’ll also get to work creating the perks and thank yous to all who supported the campaign.

Here’s the list of our fabulous contributors to our fundraising campaign:

  • Vanessa Amspacher, Creative Reuse Champion
  • Erick Banks, Creative Reuse Champion
  • Elisa Chandler, Salem Downtown Supporter
  • Brian Hart, Community Groupie
  • Stacey and Nelson Kline, Salem Downtown Supporter
  • Cindy Lacey, Cindys Fused Glass, Creative Reuse Champion
  • Sally Lange, Thankful Rose, Community Groupie
  • Kristy Lombard and Jeremy Wright, Creative Reuse Champions
  • Ann Little, Creative Reuse Champion
  • Tracy Meyer, Community Groupie
  • Denise Michelle, Community Groupie
  • Janell Mooney, Dancing Mooney, Community Groupie
  • Angela Obery, Education Advocate
  • Bailey Payne, Community Groupie
  • Jon and Debi Ramey, Sustainability Studio Backer
  • Marge Ramey, Salem Downtown Supporter
  • Victoria Roberts, Community Groupie
  • Ryan Rogers, Raven Flight Creative, Patron of DIY
  • Meg Rowe, Downtown Salem Supporter
  • Kelli Schmidt, Downtown Salem Supporter
  • Helen Shafran, Community Groupie
  • Megan Steele, Phytotherapy, Community Groupie
  • Deb Vaughn, Community Groupie
  • Robyn Saunders Wilson, Creative Reuse Champion
  • Barbara & Wayne Wright, Creative Reuse Champion
  • Salem Public Library, Community Partner
  • Clockworks Cafe & Cultural Center, Community Partner
  • Marion County, Community Partner

    We wouldn’t be here without you!

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