Make Your Own Swiffer Wetjet Cleaning Solution, Swiffer Hack


I’m a big fan of anything that makes cleaning easier and the Swiffer Wetjet promised to be my cleaning aid. The kids also got in on the cleaning action. They loved the squirting feature so much, they would quickly run through an entire bottle of cleaning solution if not micromanaged. And geez, I hate micromanaging! Then I found out the solution bottle is locked so I couldn’t refill the sucker. I’d have to spend $6 for some cleaner that would only last a few cleaning sessions with the kids. So I went back to my mop and the swiffer retired in the back of the cleaning closest.

Until today. Armed with my google searching skills, I knew I could conquer this wasteful beast. And one of the perks was that I had purchased the wrong lipman product. I wanted to get a replacement for my floor mop and  purchased a spray mop replacement. It could be washed in the washing machine, was the perfect replacement for those disposable swiffer pads. You can make your own too if you are feeling extra crafty!

I got to work.

I watched this video but stopped when it came to adding the cleaner.  It’s really a simple procedure. Boil some water, submerge the cap into the water and heat will soften the cap enough to screw right off!

I have no clue what pine sol is made of and wanted a cheaper, greener solution (because that was the whole reason to hack my swiffer in the first place). So I mixed:

  • 2 cups water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Castile Soap (you can substitute dish soap you’d like to)

I simply poured each ingredient into the swiffer bottle and went to work cleaning. It worked like a charm! Actually I think it’s time to put my feet up and hand the cleaning over to the kids especially now that it’s non toxic, good for their self esteem, and affordable. Now where are those bon bons? 🙂


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  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just got a Swiffer sweeper at a church garage sale for $2.00. It came with the solution….but I quickly figured out that the refills were going to cost a lot. (maybe that was why it was donated in the first place!) I wondered if there was a way to get the lid off & add my own solution. I was planning on trying to wrench it open when I was out of the solution….but on a lark I decided to Google it…. & there the answer was right in front of me. Thanks for posting it. I hope it’s as easy to open it as the video says. I’ll have to wait to find out til I’m out of the solution. Oh, & I also make my own solution, tho I often add a bit of lemon Lysol to the mix.

  • Jessica..(or whomever answers this). I wrote to you (See Sept 2 post). Recently I ran out of the official & pricey Swiffer cleaning product, that came with my “$2.00 Church garage sale” purchase of a Swiffer mop. So I got the chance to try your “boil water & remove the cap” idea out. VOILA! it worked just like you said it would. (unfortunately some shortcuts/bypasses/substitutions I’ve found on line don’t work as well as yours did) I was so pleased! I could & did use my own simple cleaner mix just fine(approx. cost 25-50cts) I like the actual Swiffer mop; I just did not like the price of the solution, & found it both sad & irritating that they created it, so you HAVE to use their pricey product. So THANK YOU again very sincerely. I Hope that you folks continue your good work.

    • So glad it was helpful! I too was frustrated by the overpriced cleaning fluid. And not a big fan of the smell either. Hooray for you Liz doing it yourself!

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