Creative Reuse, Past, Present and Future

Ah the holidays. That time of year when families gather, share stories and laughter as well as reflect on the year. This holiday I had the joy of explaining what a creative reuse center is to a room full of relatives. After a simple mix up of mistaking DIY for DUI (hardee-har-har), I tried my best to explain what DIY Studio hopes to accomplish to two WWII era women. I explained that DIY Studio will teach students the same things they had learned when growing up. Those skills and experiences from their generation,  my generation has scoffed at and had forgotten about. Instead of throwing away the broken, the outdated, or unneeded, DIY Studio will put these items back to use in creative ways. Creative reuse is in no way a new idea, however it’s a way of living that should be embraced once again. Dear Laura leans closer and asks “does this mean people from my generation could help teach classes?”.  “Absolutely” I reply. There is so much wisdom from our elders, I hope to encourage the exchange of creative ideas just as much as the exchange of materials.

Can you remember ways your grandparents reused items? I’d love to hear about any stories you have.

This also leads me to a wonderful history overview of creative reuse. Check it out below and I wish you much creativity and happiness in 2013!

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