School Auction, 2nd Grade Class Artwork

I’ve been up to my elbows in projects, not that I’m complaining! The McKinley School auction is this Friday (eek… tomorrow!) and I’m finishing up some last minute details for the second grade class artwork that will be auctioned off.  Remember this project for the kindergarten? Well with any luck the conduit will be secure and the birdhouses will be ready to stick into the yard shortly.

collaged house, children's art, kid art, classroom project, auction

But before the auction starts I want to share what the second graders made. These mixed media houses fit well into their curriculum from this fall when they learned all about communities. I cut a series of wooden blocks shaped like houses and let the kids get messy gluing down ephemera. We used sheet music, Chinese newsprint, maps, graph paper and other decorative paper. We let the blocks dry and then each student stamped, colored and embellished their home to create a house as unique as he/she is. Some fun elements the children used included domino, poker chips, bottle caps, stamps, gems, bingo numbers, and game pieces.

collaged house, children's art, kid art, classroom project, auction

After all of the houses were complete I cut more wood for the base and painted each piece with a base color and two added colors for interest. Then I drilled a hole at the bottom of the wood and into each house. I secured each house to the wood with some screws. The project turned out swimmingly don’t you think? I can’t wait to bid on them and hopefully with any luck, I’ll take home a neighborhood of my very own!

collaged house, children's art, kid art, classroom project, auction

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