Made it in my First Magazine, Artisan Jewelry made in Salem

Willamette Woman article by Jodi KerrI get a call from Marion Barnes, the editor for Willamette Woman. After seeing the fabulous article by Cindy Ulshafer, South Salem Today–Statesman Journal, she asks if I’d like to be featured in Willamette Woman. Oh no, my stomach fills with butterflies and I feel every molecule in my body bounce with excitement. Could it be…really? She asks my age and I stop to think. How old am I again? Geez I should really know these facts about myself. I’m seriously not a numbers person and after turning 30, age means very little to me. I’m 32 I tell her after doing the math in my head, a process that is not so easy for me…like I said, I’m really not a numbers girl. Dear Marion informs me that I don’t fit Willamette Woman’s feature woman demographic. Whaa, whaa. So sorry Charlie, try again when you’re older and cooler (she doesn’t say that last part but it’s going through my mind).

But wait…she has another idea. She’d like to feature Salem Etsy team artists. Woot, woot, the butterflies flutter again. How exciting to have Willamette Woman feature the talented artisans in Salem who make unique jewelry. The March issue of Willamette Woman hit the shelves this week and inside is a lovely spread written by Jodi Kerr and photographed by Timothy J. Gonzalez featuring some of Salem’s most unique treasures. Article by Jodi Kerr, Artisan Jewelry, Salem oregon

Jodi Kerr’s article is a smorgasboard (how I love you dear Templeton) of delightful finds. Helen Wiens of Calusa Studio shares her sterling silver designs, Joyce Schmaltz of Joyous World creates romantic jewelry from vintage finds, steampunk artist Autumn Anglin creates funky jewelry bits, and yours truly,  DIY Studio makes playful interactive jewelry that simply makes you happy.Thanks Jodi for such a fabulous article and shining a spotlight on just a few of the many artisans in Salem. And many thanks from Marion Barnes who formulated a fabulous concoction. So pick up your copy of Willamette Woman today!

Want to brush elbows with some of Salem’s finest artisans and crafters? Join the Salem Etsy team. Or possibly you want to shop local on etsy? Simply follow along:

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shop local, salem oregon, etsy, artists, crafters, art, craft, ORNow see that area next to the arrow. Type in “salemetsy team” Make sure to leave a space and type it the same way as I just listed. Also feel free to use the arrow tab to the left of the text box to narrow down your search.Your search should look something like this:

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  • Even though I haven’t met you in person, Jessica, I’m thrilled that you have been included in Willamette Woman. So proud of you!

  • Wow, great news, but I’m confused on why you don’t fit the demographic…what is their demographic? I am totally enjoying looking through your site…great stuff!! YOU are absolutely, hands down the MOST creative person I know!!!

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