Tie Dye Party


Long gone are the over the top birthday parties inviting friends and family and more friends and family. Nope, this momma is pooped! So this year we decided to have a very quiet and still meaningful birthday celebration for our 6 year old!

For our overall theme we went for colorful, fun and dynamic…we chose Tie Dye.

First we practiced with a tie kit purchased from the craft store. Although we were very happy with the colors at first after multiple washings the colors looked faded. So I set out on my quest to find the best, long-lasting dye. At first I thought I could use Kool-aid but after many online searches I saw that Kool-aid stains clothing rather than dying it. Then I stumbled across Dharma Trading Co (did I just hear a giggle from LOST fans?) Well, I ordered my fabulous colors, Soda Ash fixative, and Urea (more giggles? grow up people!) and was very happy with my purchase. I ordered items not in a kit so I got 2 full ounces of fabulous dye in various colors which was more than enough for tie dye. (I’ll post my other projects made with the dye soon!).

After giving a minimal instructions about how to get the effect that you want on the shirts, we got messy and dyed together.





It was so much fun! We sent each guest home with a bag with their tie dyed shirt and instructions for rinsing and washing at home. Then it was time for cake and presents.



It was a day full of color and fun and the best part was relaxing and easy! Ya gotta love that!


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Gretchen Rameyreply
August 9, 2011 at 7:16 pm

You can also use contac paper to mask off shapes (that will remain white) and then put the dye in small spray bottles and spray around the shapes. We did cloud shapes, let the kids choose their “sky” colors, and then wrote the child’s name in the cloud — then they wore the shirts in their performance of 100 Percent Chance of Rain. And yes, Dharma is the best. (If you do this on shirts, put a plastic trash bag between the two layers of shirt so the dye doesn’t bleed through.)

Jessica Rameyreply
August 10, 2011 at 7:53 pm
– In reply to: Gretchen Ramey

Thanks for that awesome tip Gretchen! I love that idea. I have another that I may share soon on the blog, however I might try the contact paper idea as well!

DIY Studio » Experience the Rainbow with Dyereply
August 10, 2011 at 3:58 pm

[…] had lots of Dharma dye left over from our tie dying party http://diystudio.net/2011/08/tie-dye-party/. And I came across many yards of trim that was an ecru color. As much as I loved the design of the […]

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