Celebrating Each Birthday


Many times our children’s birthday parties do not fall on their actual birthdays. So to make up for this, we like to celebrate actuall birthdays with a couple of traditions.

One fun way of us celebrating is covering the birthday boy or girl’s door frame with streamers. We tape the steamers in a mixed up web so that the birthday boy (or girl) can then run through the threshold of a new year. Its rather fun even for adults!

The other thing we like to do is make a special birthday breakfast. This can be whatever the birthday boy or girl wants. So little man blended his two obsessions (oatmeal and the color green) and requested green oatmeal, sprinkles with a cherry on top. As disgusting as this sounded, I happily whiped up his request. And added bannanas for some fun. It kind of reminded me of the scene in Bettlejuice, visit the link and sing along!


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