Teacher Appreciation Week and Godfrey Nursery

Yep it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week. One of my most caring friends Kim called and reminded me. She asked what I was doing…and my mind went blank. So off to the nursery I went! Who doesn’t like pretty flowers right? I decided to go to Godfrey Nursery in Shaw, Oregon. I’ve heard wonderful things from friends about the nursery and I couldn’t think of a better excuse to hit the road for a visit.

Driving, Salem, oregon

It’s not a long drive to Shaw from Salem.

My kids were really happy to be in charge of the wagon.

Shaw, Oregon, Willamette Valley Nurseries, Plants, TeachersLittle man also enjoyed the gravel while I enjoyed the good deals. Can you spy the lettuce in the cart? That’s what we are giving to the teachers.


At check out we were greeted by Joe the cat.

Teacher Appreciation Week, gifts, teacher giftsI loved the lettuce plants and thought it would be a fun usable gift to give to the teachers.  Here’s what you’ll need for the project: a potted plant, a fork, a thank you card, twine, burlap, needle nose pliers, and scissors.

First lay out your burlap and make sure you’ll have enough to cover the edges of the planter.

Cut the burlap. Then gather the burlap around the pot and tie with twine.

Using needle nose pliers bend the two outside fork tongs down. This will be the card holder. Simply add the card to the fork and add to the potted plant.

I love how these plants turned out and I’m sure your teachers will as well! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Looking for more teacher gift ideas? How about this necklace, diy shirts , felt brooch or mugs?


2 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week and Godfrey Nursery”

  • God Oregon is beautiful! That landscape pic is just amazing. Nice project, too. Maybe you need to do one for preschool caregivers (or I do).

    Good luck tonight, btw.

    • Emily, my eyes kept going back to those vibrant hills in the distance. Chartreuse is rarely seen in the landscape but when it shows itself, it’ breathtaking. Too bad I didn’t bring my zoom lens!

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