Fieldtrip with Friends, Fessler Nursery and Bauman’s Farm

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to experience a magical day.

I’ve been friends with these ladies since our oldest children attended preschool together, five years now. We each have two children and right now our youngest all go to different schools so it’s wonderful when they are together. Yesterday we took a road trip with the young’ins out to the country.

fieldrip with friends

It was fun to have lunch in the car, ride together and caravan.

car tripWe got to ride with this blue-eyed beauty.

After a great chat in the car we arrived to our destination…Fessler Nursery

fessler nursery, Woodburn oregon

Onto the wagons kiddos.

The day couldn’t be more beautiful.

fuchsia flower, bloom, gardening

My friend Jen showed me how to make this fuchsia dancer

fessler nursery woodburn oregonAnd we explored the greenhouses.

greenhouse with friends

When the kids started getting antsy, we hit the road to a close cure. Bauman Farm was the highlight for the kids.

Doughnuts, a playground and farm animals, oh my! It’s hard to resist the charm of Bauman’s.

With good eats, good weather, and good friends, I couldn’t ask for more!

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May 9, 2011 at 11:07 am

I’ve never been to Fessler Nursery before, but I LOVE Bauman Farm’s! Thanks for reminding me to take a visit there soon! ♥

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