Chicken Coop De Ville

Pullet AraucanaOur girls are getting bigger and a bit awkward looking.  They went from this to this:

They are learning to fly and even fly out of their brooder at night. So now is the time for me to get the coop ready. We’ve decided to use my son’s playstructure. By adding a hen house to the bottom of it and building a small chicken run, I think it will be a great way to get multiple uses out of the structure.

made my own coop plans using a playstructure

So here’s my plan. I measured the playstructure and drew the structure on the computer using Illustator. Then I planned out all of the cuts I’ll need for each sheet of plywood. This will be a bit challenging but I think it’s be fun to see it come together. Hubby is not so sure but I keep reassuring him that “I’ll make it work”. It can’t be THAT hard right? The frame is already there!

So that’s the project I’ll work on probably for the next month. Wish me luck!


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