And the Winner Is…

drum roll please….

The winner is…..

Everyone! What? Yep everyone! Since I only had a handful of responders and it was a very short contest, I will make everyone a felt pin. So everyone is a winner! Don’t ya love that sound? I love being a winner!

Angela, Stephanie, Natalie, and Amber each get to pick one from this list:

poppy flower (red with black details)
heart (pink or red tones, your choice)
bird (blue bird with magenta stitching and white accents)
toadstool (gray background with red and white toadstool)
cherry blossom tree (pinks, browns and creams)

Just let me know which you’d like and I’ll send it for you to wear! Thanks for playing!

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February 7, 2011 at 8:22 pm

Yay! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! But even better, because these are adorable! Can’t wait to get mine!

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