Dream “Small” The Making of an Art Pendant

I was thrilled to get an order for one of my movable necklaces last week. Someone from Texas who said they like to collect one of a kind jewelry. She said she was excited to own a piece since she fell in love. She assured me that she’d love the wee one and give it a nice home. Isn’t that what every artist wants? Needless to say, I was overjoyed with such a compliment.

So I thought I’d show you some of the “magic” that happens in the studio and the process I take with each piece. I sent these photos to the customer so she could see where I was in the process.

Keep in mind these little guys are tiny. I’m painting on backdrops that are one inch small.

art necklace, moveable pendant, gnome necklace

I first start off by making a box out of matte board. I make sure my box fits the element that I want to move. I need to leave room around that object so it can spin or dance around a bit. After I’ve created the box, I start painting the sides of the diorama. It’s really fun to see how paint can add a sense of depth to an otherwise blank canvas.

These are truly little worlds of whimsy I create…each one feels very different depending on the subject matter. It’s like setting a scene for a play or puppet show and I love making each necklace special.

I encourage you to play with something fun today and dream “small”. And some fun into your life. Whether it’s playing kick ball with your kiddos, eating a sloppy ice cream cone, or taking a moment to watch the clouds, take a quick breather just for you. It’s the small things that we often forget to do and yet are the most important!


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    • I adore dioramas. I was that nerdy kid in school who was thrilled when we got assignments for dioramas. And years before that I used cardboard shoe boxes to make mini houses. I especially liked saving plastic clam shell packaging to be used for bay windows.

      How do you feel about dioramas? I bet you have a story to share!

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