Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses

hand cut glasses with etched design, monogramI got my Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter in the mail and had to try it out for you. See how it’s all about you reader? I try my best!

For awhile now I’ve wanted to cut bottles. After doing research online to see which was the best way, I decided to purchase the Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter. I like that it is made from recycled aluminum and plastic. It arrived in pieces but I quickly put it together following the provided manual.

generation green g2 bottle cutter, DIY

It was simple to score the glass using the g2 gadget. Then I dipped the bottle into a boiling hot water bath and then emerged it into an ice water bath. I continued dipping the bottle into both baths, until I shocked the bottle into two pieces.

The g2 also came with sandpaper, however I’m heading to the home improvement store to find some finer grit polishing paper to smooth down the edges a bit more.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase and look forward to creating a few sets of these glasses for giving to loved ones. The only thing that I think would make it better would be to change the gadget a bit so I’d be able to cut all sizes of bottles. But other than that it works swimmingly.

I also broke out my Dremel to etch designs onto the glass to add even more interest. Do you remember this post full of etching puns “If you got an etch, you gotta scratch it.”?  Along with the bad humor are instructions on how to etch like a pro, so you too can create something cool with some recycled glass. Enjoy!


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