Kindergarten Classroom Art Project 2

Remember the Kindergarten project that I’ve been working on for the school auction? Check out the progress thus far! And look closely, you’ll see miniature works of art by the children on shrinky dinks that now have been encrusted in mortar. You’ll also see rhinestone jewelry, sea shells, a large key, and knobs for the birds to perch on.

mosaic, shrinky dink, kid art, school auction

kid, children art, shrinky dink, bird house, classroom, school

Now I simply need to cut down the 10 foot conduit that is stored in my basement. I’ll cut each piece of conduit to 6 feet and attach them to the houses, so the bird houses will be safe from animals.

What a fun project and easy way to incorporate artwork from 30 children into everyday art. It’s DIY baby!


6 thoughts on “Kindergarten Classroom Art Project 2”

  • This is SUCH a cool idea! The artwork makes it so personal and yet at all distracting. What size did your shrinky dinks start out as to get them to that size?

    • Thanks Melissa. I love what the kids drew. They started off with roughly a 3X4 inch sheet. Make sure to trim edges BEFORE shrinking in the oven. We also had another shrinky dink project where an artist asked the kids to make owls. I think she used a larger sheet and then added a hole at the bottom of each owl. She then added wire and attached them to tree limbs that sat in a pot. It looked cute too.

      Are you working on something for your school? I love to hear about other people’s projects!

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