Kiddo Valentines

I mustache you a question… Will you be my Valentine?

This was so simple to do. I started by purchasing black felt with a sticker back. I cut out a mustache and asked my kids to pose so I could get pictures. I then designed the valentine so that they could be 2up on a standard photo size. I like doing that since it saves money and I don’t have to mess with printing them up myself and instead just send them to a 1 hour photo lab. Then I cut out a zillion mustaches, my hand cramps, I whine a bit and then keep cutting. After the mustaches are cut I secure a mustache to each valentine with a glue dot. Pretty easy stuff.

DIY valentine

I got this clever idea off of Pinterest. If you haven’t been to Pinterest before dear reader, let me tell you what you are missing. It’s a bit like window shopping on the internet. With delicious images of all sorts, you’ll be able to make your own virtual idea board, create categories to organize them, and check out what your best buddies tastes and styles are. I’ve even recruited my hubby to be a Pinterest user and he was sweet enough to create a category of photos that remind him of me. Now isn’t that romantic? Anyway, check it out if you haven’t done so already. And be sure to add me to your board “Jessica Ramey” and I’ll add you too. Just leave your contact info in the comments. If you need an invite to Pinterest, I’ll send one your way. Happy pinning!

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