Fairy Art Party

Fairy Art Party, Painting birthday party, art birthday

I had such a fun time with this set of girls. The birthday girl loves Fairies and Art so we decided to combine the two for this fun filled birthday party. First I kicked off the party by painting each girl’s face with the item of their choice. For face painting I like to use watercolor pencils. They are easy to use (simply dip them in water) and the paint goes on feeling light and not goopy. And the best part about it is that it comes off super easily. Some girls wanted the typical flowers however some wanted cheetahs, tigers, and dolphins—note to self brush up on my friendly finned animal skills. The girls were so sweet though, sighing and oohh and awwing…”that’s so cute”. I felt like a rockstar with my fans cheering my name. They were adorable!

The hardest part about doing individual project like this was keeping the kiddos entertained while I was busy face painting. So I had the girls color the DIY Studio coloring book zine. Inside are some fun activities they can make at home as well as a self portrait activity. During the face painting I had the girls color in the booklet, work on the self portrait and make a colorful name tag…the girls enjoyed it all.

Then we played a fun game with clay. This is how the game went. I’d shout out a birthday/fairy related thing and then they sculpt it. We used model magic clay. This clay is great because it’s lightweight and is easily molded to any shape (no need to condition it or work it before hand). And it air dries so that the girls’ creations can become fun keepsakes. Kiddos can paint or draw on it with markers and add embellishments.

Then each girl had a photo opportunity with the birthday girl. Holding a painted frame, the girls got cozy and shinned their pearly whites. Even mom got in for a shot.

All the activities built up to the  main activity. Still life painting with fairies, flowers and fruit. First we discussed different styles of painting, showing the girls some works by master painters. And we discussed colors, communicating feelings, and mixing colors. The girls each wore a smock made by using colorful cotton shirts put on backwards to protect clothing. Then they got to work. Each girl had a unique take on the task and concentrated hard to create. Some sat, some stood…it was so fun to watch. When they were done we (me with some fabulous momma helpers) added their beautiful paintings to pizza boxes for safe drying and transporting. The boxes were a perfect size and worked well.

Then it was time for cake and opening presents. More oohs and ahhs and then the sugar induced frenzy that only 8 year old girls can produce.  Mission accomplished!

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