Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 5

Myth 5 “Spending time creating is selfish.” Sure we all live busy lives. There’s only so much time in the day to do all that you want to do, however putting your creativity on the back burner can lead to burnout. One of the things that separates human from other animals is our need to be creative. It feeds our souls. It helps us communicate and be more aware of our emotions. Creativity leads to innovation and gives us a sense of purpose. I believe creativity is an investment and is in no way selfish. Investing in your creative process keeps you challenged, motivated, and boosts self esteem.

One reason why the scrapbooking craze has become so popular is that the scrapbooking industry has told caring mothers that they can be creative in an unselfish way. These crafters believe that they’ll one day give the scrapbooks to their children and therefore the endeavor is worth every dime and investment of time. Visit a scrapbook store and you’ll see the many expensive gadgets and gizmos, enticing rainbow colors of paper and eye candy embellishments. And believe me, the scrapbooking industry is laughing all the way to the bank. Because you know what? It sold you something you didn’t need. You don’t need the authority of them telling you it’s okay to be crafty since you are making an end product that is not really for you, it’s for your family. Nonsense! You craft and think creatively because it makes you happy. You make something from nothing (as expensive as those nothings may be) and you feel proud when you look at a scrapbook completed page. That feeling of accomplishment is an instant high, a boost to your self esteem. It helps relieve stress. It makes you a better person. It allows you to see evaluate things in a different light. And it invites art and the art making process into your life.

I’ll fill you in on another secret….everything that you do that is creative will give you the same results. Writing, sketching, coloring with your kiddos, making earrings, or singing a song. You don’t need any fancy smanchy tools for you to start the creative process now. Sure it feels good to give the end product of your creativity to someone as a gift…but the real value is only represented in that thing. The creative process is the true gift. Learning new techniques, new ways of thinking and challenging yourself. That is the true reward. It’s an investment in yourself. I think you’re worth that investment….don’t you?

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