Cargo Pants Repurposed

I had some Cargo Pants laying around that were too big. It’s so nice to write this since lately my pants are too tight! The pants were sitting around in the donate pile for awhile since I haven’t made a donation run in some time. I did want to make some small bags for the kiddos to take on trips so they can carry around a small notebook, snacks and toys. I decided to re purposed these pants into bags. They were so easy too! If you can sew a pillow case you can sew these bags.

I cut around the cargo pockets and put them together like a sandwich, nice side facing out. Then I sewed around the edges on three sides, leaving the top open. Then I turned the wrong sides out and sewed around the same sides, creating a French seam. This kind of seam is great because it encases the raw edges so they can’t be seen. I then rolled over the top edge two times and sewed it so those raw edges were hidden. For the strap I used the sides of the pants and sewed them to the sides of the bag.

You can use pins if you like but I didn’t. Pins just get in my way and since I’m a bit accident prone, I usually poke myself a few times with them. Pins are NOT my friends.

Using just one pair of pants, I was able to make two bags and have enough left over for one more. I LOVE that they are unisex and easy to wash. They almost look like we picked them up at the Army Surplus store. And the best thing, my kids think they are so cool!