Royal Reuse Rumble

The boy birthday is a different sort of animal. There’s usually lots of energy, competition, curiosity, excitement, and hands on activities. So when my friend Becky said she was considering hosting her sports loving son’s birthday at DIY Studio, we got excited. She told me about his love for WWE (what I sum up as theatrical wrestling) and came up with the idea of creating wrestling championship belts.

Our volunteers got to work cutting out and sewing up black vinyl (thanks Wendy and Erica). LouJean made a fabulous mobile for the classroom, and we started planning the activities.

The kids started by creating their Wrestler Persona. There was lots of boyish joking, creative ideas, and good spirits.

Then the kids started creating their championship belts from reuse material. CDs, bottle caps, plastic lids and metal packets became fabulous embellishments. Many children used the glue gun for the first time and sported their creative belts.

Next the kids competed in a thumb wrestling tournament. We had judges to make sure the rules were followed while the boys wrestled thumb to thumb with intense concentration and strength. It was a fun time and the winner received a mini thumb championship belt.

So if you or someone you know has a birthday coming up, consider hosting it at DIY Studio. We have fun and creative activities for both young and older and we’d love to celebrate with you!


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