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Salem Etsy Craft Fair, Craft Fair Set Up

Don’t ya just love the smell of a craft fair in the morning! DIY Studio showed up to accept donations toward opening the first ever Creative Reuse Center in Marion County. Not a lot of people know what a creative reuse center is, so it 

12 Days of Reuse, Bike Chain Earrings

In keeping with our bike themed project from yesterday, we now have a Bike Chain Earrings tutorial. These would be perfect gifts for bicyclists or recyclists. The Bike Peddler was kind enough to donate a worn out chain. And it’s not just chains that they 

12 Days of Reuse, Bike Chain Bracelet

Know any bicyclists or recyclists? We’ll, I have just the gift to give to them. Bike Chain Bracelets! The Bike Peddler was kind enough to donate a worn out chain. And it’s not just chains that they donate. Bike Peddler’s Eric Vickers along with fabulous 

Creative Reuse Center in Salem Oregon

Hey you crafty folks out there! Have you been to a creative reuse center before? Instead of throwing out or recycling waste, creative reuse centers use those materials to create art and upcycled projects. Creative reuse centers also become community centers where people come together 

Creative Reuse & Kid Ingenuity Equals fun for All

What does a crafty boy do at his dad’s auto part shop for a summer? He creates a DIY cardboard arcade. Why not, right? Check out this video to see 9 year old Caine’s story of creating fun games and what happens when social media 

Dining Table Redue

 Check out my old table. It’s seen a lot of craft projects, paint, glue and crumbs. And the worst part about this table were the recessed areas where all the glitter and food crumbs would like to hide out. The design was supposed to look 

Vintage Sheet Double Take

Take a second look at vintage sheets and see what possibilities are in store: For the Home This fun mobile is made from vintage sheet swatches. Made by Jamie of Sew She Sews, this mobile will brighten up any dark corner in your home. Ruffles 

Decoupaged Desk

From the minute I brought her home, she was surrounded in pink. It wasn’t until this year she declared her love for blue. So with a heavy heart I painted her room a pretty blue. Yes, I know she is growing up but I still 

As Random as Snow in February

Today was our first snow day…well two hours late at least. So we played outside in our almost an inch dusting. We had a micro snowball fight as well as built a small snowman. Little Man had no school, however Little Missy went later in 

Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses

I got my Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter in the mail and had to try it out for you. See how it’s all about you reader? I try my best! For awhile now I’ve wanted to cut bottles. After doing research online to see which 

Tenth Day of Christmas, Paper Medallions (12 Days of Christmas Video Tutorial)

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, are instructions to make these Paper Medallions.  These medallions could be used as ornaments, added to wrapped gifts or gift bags, used on paper banners, or simply tied around door knobs for a bit of decoration. 

Makeover Monday, a Lamp Update

You’re in for a special treat today. You’ll not only see this lamp makeover but you’ll get a sneak peak of my new studio space. Remember this old lamp? We’ll I think it needed a bit of an update. The green was cool but some 

Tackle it Tuesday, Tackling Office Ugly

Tackle it Tuesday, Tackling Office Ugly

Posted via Jessica’s Blog. I wish I had a before picture for you. This chair was a mess. It had a gray woven cover that had holes all over the place from my old kitty that liked to sharpen it’s claws on the back. Needless to 

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle it Tuesday

It’s not too hard to find projects to do in our 1920’s house. This weekend we fixed our leaking shower (only after a good hour of trying to remove a cartridge that just wouldn’t budge).  We are also trying to figure out a leak by