Tackle it Tuesday

It’s not too hard to find projects to do in our 1920’s house. This weekend we fixed our leaking shower (only after a good hour of trying to remove a cartridge that just wouldn’t budge).  We are also trying to figure out a leak by our window seat. Definitely too big of a job for a Tackle it Tuesday post. Today, I decided to work on something less scary and doable.

Bar Stool Makeover

I’ve wanted to do something with our bar stools for some time now. The kids use them at snack time and breakfast, and they are due for a mini makeover. They are just plain nasty now.  The seat is ripping and the wood has been dinged. A friend of mine suggested recovering the top in a fun oil cloth. Since then I have kept my eye open for fun oil cloth prints. Our local fabric store doesn’t have a great selection so I started searching online. I found an amazing Etsy shop called The Fabric Farm. They had tons of different prints to choose from. I settled on a graphic black and white print.

Picture 400I gathered all of my tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Staples
  • Staple Gun
  • Oil cloth
  • Scissors

Off to work I went recovering the seat. After I was done I didn’t like the oilcloth with the stained wood so I decided to paint it shinny black. After a few coats and sanding, they are ready to be used for a few more years.

Picture 403

bar stool makeover