Dining Table Redue

fixing an old table

 Check out my old table. It’s seen a lot of craft projects, paint, glue and crumbs. And the worst part about this table were the recessed areas where all the glitter and food crumbs would like to hide out. The design was supposed to look rustic and instead it often looked unappetizing. That’s why for years I’d always have a table cloth covering its hideous complexion.

I knew the table could function better so instead of throwing it out and getting a new one, I got to work to make it family-friendly and good looking.

Wood filler to the rescue! This stuff worked like a charm. I used Elmer’s Wood Filler and spread it onto the table like peanut butter. It was a rather fun ooey gooey mess!

Fixing an old table

Old table, makeover

I spread it over all the recessed areas of the table and it went on rather quickly.

Then I let it dry.

And then sanded it.

Then primed it.

And then I started painting.

I used paint I already had. Choosing from Robin’s Egg Blue and a 1950’s blue/green I mixed the colors using a dry brush technique first. Then I added just a bit of browns and yellows skimming the top of the dried blue layer with a dry brush and bit of paint. This helped make the table look old and feel warn.

table fix

And now I can wash my table easily. No recessed areas for things to get stuck in. Just a smooth surface that is unique and functional.

Painted dining table

And best of all, now tablecloths are optional and not a necessity. I only spent $6 on the wood filler, and used left over primer and paint from old projects. It was really affordable, good for the environment because I didn’t need to dispose of the old table, and I’m a happy momma! And we lived happily ever after. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dining Table Redue”

  • That is AMAZING. Can you come to my house and make it look that beautiful??!!

    I feel the same way about my dining table, it doesn’t have the crevices but it has a surface that is textured and I feel like I can never get it clean. Do you put your projects on Pinterest too?

    • Rebekah,
      Thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback. Don’t those pesky crevices just drive you nuts? I’m really impressed by how well the wood filler holds up. I even used it on my stairs which gets lots of foot traffic and it holds up like a champ. Sometimes I add my things to pinterest however I’ve neglected this blog far too much lately. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! 🙂

  • Hi, I stumbled upon your post in my search for help cleaning the crevices in my dining table. What a beautiful and practical change you made! Thanks for the encouragement- I want to do this for my sanity’s sake! (I’m so tired of using skewers daily to clean the crevices!)

    • Lori, isn’t it amazing how much gunk can accumulate in those crevices? The table is still working great for our family two years later. Best of luck with your update! You can do it!!!

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