WinCo Shopping Cart Etiquette

Now that it’s summer I find myself getting more grumpy grocery shopping.  It’s hot and mommies little helpers are usually pulling on and trying to catch a ride on the shopping cart. It’s probably rather comical watching me trying to maneuver the cart while keeping all toes and digits intact. Although in my mind I’m throwing a large-scale, grown-up hissy fit. I remind myself, they are only children and I plaster on the faux smile of keeping it all together.

It’s not until I hit the check out line at WinCo, do I start feeling the small cracks in my facade and the smile crumbles off my face.

REALLY PEOPLE!!!!! You’d think grown adults would get it right. But once again I’m in shopping cart hell. And it’s not the shopping cart’s fault, it’s those careless individuals who think they are the ONLY people who need to bag their groceries, parking their cart in any slapdash manor as they see fit.

If you have shopped at WinCo you surely know what I mean. It’s a grocery store that requires you to bag your own goods so they can save money without hiring a bag boy/girl. There are two customer lanes going at once, with one checker. At the end of both long counters with revolving belts are two bagging stations as well as an area to park both carts (if done correctly). To bag efficiently, it’s necessary to be close to both the end counter and the cart, however many, many people often block the way with their cart.

While my son is pushing the button to move the table belt (and squishing all the bread) my daughter is twirling around in between me and the cart, making it impossible to put those bags where they belong AND someone has their cart blocking my way. UGH!

So with that in mind I make this handy, dandy print up showing three different check out lines with the carts parked in different places. Which one do you think is correct?




















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