We’re Going Postal

I found myself in a predicament. My 7 year-old son dislikes writing! It’s like pulling teeth to get him to sit down and write a couple of words. Whining, clenched teeth, and overall grumpiness would ensue. So I came up with an idea…he could write grandparents. The plan worked a bit but the waiting was super hard on him. So now, we have created this system that has been working well.

The Ramey Family Postal Service.

writing letters to family

We first started by making envelopes and attached them to our chairs at the dining table.

And I added a tray full of coloring crayons, makers, pens and pencils with paper to the center of our table.

Here’s how it works:

Anytime during the day we write notes and love letters to each other. When we are done, we then deliver it to the mailboxes/envelopes.

At dinner time, we read our letters out loud.

Adding stickers, rubber stamps, and watercolors can help keep your kids interested.

It’s such a lovely experience reading letters of gratitude from your family. And it gets kids ready to read and write. By making it fun to write and communicate, my son is willing to pick up his pencil without prodding when before he wouldn’t. I’m so glad we’ve gone postal!



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