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Clay Day Crafternoon

Clay Day Crafternoon

Bring your kiddos (or simply yourself) and lets create something magical from some lumps of clay! We’ll show you basic clay building (slab, pinch pots, coil pots, score, slip) and build from our imaginations. Make something, take it home if you don’t want it fired, 

Yes please, scratch those CDs

Yes please, scratch those CDs

Check out these cool scratched CDs for Free Art Friday, Salem! This is a fun, simple process that all ages would enjoy and uses any old CDs you have laying around. Simply brush two coats of craft paint on the shinny side of a CD 

Paint so Nice You use it Twice

Psst, lean forward. I have a secret to share. So you know the best place to get paint? Nope, not some retail place, nor a home center. Instead of the usual places, next time check out the paint from Salem-Keizer and North Marion recycling and 

Dining Table Redue

 Check out my old table. It’s seen a lot of craft projects, paint, glue and crumbs. And the worst part about this table were the recessed areas where all the glitter and food crumbs would like to hide out. The design was supposed to look 

George Clooney Paint by Number, Academy Awards 2012

Are you excited for the 84th annual Academy Awards? I know I am! There are so many great films out there, I thought I would get a little creative and share something fun with you. Mixing a childhood favorite of mine and the always charming 

Peas if you Please, a Simple Veggie Trellis

Ah, spring is here! Can you see it past all of this rain? Time to start getting the garden ready. I’ve been a busy gal pulling mint, crab grass, and crazy strawberries that have run amok. Never again will I plant mint unless in containers. 

Art Party

Art Party

An arty party full of glitter and “goldens” (what the little girl calls gems). This is what happens when you get three, four, and five year olds together for a party. Giggles, silly faces, messy art and lots of fun! As soon as guests arrived 

Ceramic Painting Party

You’d think 15 fourth graders in a studio would be crazy and insane right? Well I have to say I was so very impressed with this bunch of courteous, kind, and helpful girls! Their mommas should feel very proud! One girl, Meg kept asking, “What 

Edible Art

Sometimes I see something so awesome I want to just scream. These AMAZING cookies and cakes fall under this category. Almost too pretty to eat, I am so amazed by the artistry that goes into making these works of art. Remember my post about Bridget’s 

Planes, Trains, and Paint?

Turning five is a big deal and Anthony celebrated it in a big way at DIY Studio.  Anthony like most five-year-olds loves trains, so I offered him three different types of activities: a recycled engine build where kids can create trains from recycled materials, train 

Makeover Monday, a Lamp Update

You’re in for a special treat today. You’ll not only see this lamp makeover but you’ll get a sneak peak of my new studio space. Remember this old lamp? We’ll I think it needed a bit of an update. The green was cool but some 

Discover Collage, Zine Now Available

Check out my latest zine…a tutorial style zine about Collage. This zine will give you a crash course in basic design and will help you develop a collage making process that is digestible and delicious. Think of this zine as a recipe for making art. 

Make it Monday-Collage Using Basic Design

Tomorrow I’m teaching my first instructional class at Clockworks/C4. Hope you can join me! You don’t have be an expert in drawing or even consider yourself an artist to collage but you will need to have a sense of adventure. But don’t fear, I will 

Make it Monday-Collage Crazy and free classes!

Make it Monday-Collage Crazy and free classes!

Don’t let your lack of cash get you down when it comes to decorating. By using a few things around the house, you too can have creative art that matches your decor and shows off your personal style. And the best part is that you