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12 Days of Reuse

Let me confess. It’s the beginning of December and I feel behind already. I haven’t even gotten rid of my Thanksgiving pumpkins (thankfully my neighbors are kind people).  But it’s not too late to whip up a thoughtful, handmade gift. Now is the best time 

Creative Reuse & Kid Ingenuity Equals fun for All

What does a crafty boy do at his dad’s auto part shop for a summer? He creates a DIY cardboard arcade. Why not, right? Check out this video to see 9 year old Caine’s story of creating fun games and what happens when social media 

Dining Table Redue

 Check out my old table. It’s seen a lot of craft projects, paint, glue and crumbs. And the worst part about this table were the recessed areas where all the glitter and food crumbs would like to hide out. The design was supposed to look 

Singing in the Rain, Survive the Rain

Kids, I love um! How they find such joy in simple things in life. When we were a bit depressed that Spring Break was getting rained out, we saved the day and broke out umbrellas. How my kiddos loved dancing, singing and twirling around outdoors. 

Happy Birthday Jules Verne and thank you Google!

Google I adore you! I love how you tap into my brain and give me a tool that is useful with a playful flair!I love your Google logos aka Doodles. Today Google features Jules Verne the Father of Science Fiction. I’m going to fess up 

Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 5

Myth 5 “Spending time creating is selfish.” Sure we all live busy lives. There’s only so much time in the day to do all that you want to do, however putting your creativity on the back burner can lead to burnout. One of the things 

Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 4

Myth 4 “Art is only art if it is fine art, and I’m only creative if I’m creating art.” Remember Subway’s Sandwich artist campaign? I love that campaign because it brings up so many questions. Who thinks that sandwiches aren’t art? And does the sandwich 

Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 3

Myth 3 “If only I had the time, money, space etc.” Creativity is not something that follows a time clock, flourishes after money is thrown at it, or thrives only in studios. If you’ve got a brain, you’ve got enough space. If you have time 

Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 2

Myth 2 “I’m not good at it so I’m not even going to try to be creative.” It’s true that people like to do things that they are good at. But have you ever watched a 5 year old create? Usually children jump right in, 

Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 1

Some people just don’t get it. And I think it’s time that people come to understand what being creative is all about. Yes, creativity is usually looked at in a positive way, however there are many myths about arts and crafts and creativity that just 

Creative Escape Retreat

Ahh, it’s so nice to get away. Last weekend my good friend Kirsten and I attended the Creative Escape Retreat our friend Allison set up. Everything ran very smoothly (thanks to Allison) and it was nice to kick back, get some stuff done and chat