Creative Escape Retreat

Ahh, it’s so nice to get away. Last weekend my good friend Kirsten and I attended the Creative Escape Retreat our friend Allison set up. Everything ran very smoothly (thanks to Allison) and it was nice to kick back, get some stuff done and chat with the ladies!

The retreat was at Silver Falls Conference Center which is surrounded by large Douglas fir trees. It is a wonderful place to get away. The food was amazing even if it was served cafeteria-style and the staff was friendly. The chef said he makes all of his bread homemade and I could definitely tell. From yummy spinach hazelnut rolls to delicious French bread, this bread lover felt spoiled rotten!

I’m looking forward to coming back to visit soon. This time I didn’t hike since it was a bit cold and icy but next time I’ll be sure to hit the trails and even take a break in the heated pool. Also I was thinking it would be good to go when it’s meter showers season. The view of the stars was spectacular!