Visions of Grandeur

I got my shipment of seeds! After surfing the internet and asking advice, a friend told me about Nichols Garden Nursery and I’m so glad that I ordered from them! They are located in Albany Oregon and are a family-owned seed company that is celebrating their 60th year in the business. I love buying from local companies and I was so impressed by their selection and prices.

I ordered tons of stuff and Nichols Garden is even having a special to promote 60 years of business. They are offering a special selection of seeds at their oringal price. Check out the good deals for yourself!

It’s been cold here in Salem and what keeps me upbeat during these frosty days are thoughts of juicy tomatoes, crispy cuks, and mouth watering melons. I have great visions of a vibrant, organic garden where I can walk barefoot to scoop up something tasty for a snack. And it’s never too early to plan.

Last summer, our first summer in our house, we built three 10’X4′ raised beds. We grew tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, broccoli, peppers, beans, and herbs and this year I hope to do more. I also hope to do better! I started some things by seeds and wasn’t too happy with the size of the plants. This year I hope to get a small shelving unit greenhouse to extend the growing season a bit. Let me know if you readers have any tips with greenhouses and seeds. I’d love to know!