Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 1

Some people just don’t get it. And I think it’s time that people come to understand what being creative is all about. Yes, creativity is usually looked at in a positive way, however there are many myths about arts and crafts and creativity that just aren’t true.

Myth 1 “That’s just busy work”.  Many times I hear this from parents who just don’t “get” children’s crafts. Often people under value the higher form of thinking that goes into the creative process. Empowering children from an early age to create helps them problem solve, follow directions, and express themselves. When they make something new from simple materials, children feel a sense of accomplishment. This is true of adults as well. When I create something new I love the feeling. I set the artwork up in a room of my house and continue to look at it for hours, examining the colors, balance, form. The creative process continues even after the artwork is complete. I ask myself what went right, what went wrong, and what I should try again.

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