Earbob Design

DIY Earrings“She could see so clearly now that he was only a childish fancy, no more important really than her spoiled desire for the aquamarine earbobs she had coaxed out of Gerald. For, once she owned the earbobs, they had lost their value, as everything except money lost its value once it was hers.”
— Margaret Mitchell (Gone With the Wind)

I remember reading this except when I was a young girl. It was the first time I had heard of the word earbob, so romantic and exotic sounding. I surely wanted to be Miss Scarlet and longed for aquamarine earbobs of my own. I like the word “earbobs” rather than “earrings” because it continues the sense of intrigue. Let’s look at earrings in a different way. Let’s examine how earbobs came to be. Let’s discover how they continue to bring beauty and let us express ourselves today.

Earbobs are not only beautiful but are also functional. And it’s rather easy to make a beautiful pair of your own. Before you jump into making some, let’s talk a bit about design.

bead sizes for making your own earringsHoney, Size does Matter
Let’s first start off by talking about sizes. Bead are typically measured in millimeters. Here’s a handy chart showing common sizes for beads. Mixing and matching sizes instantly adds interest in your earrings.

Another measurement you should get acquainted with is the measurement of wire. Wire is measured by wire gauge. Wire gauge is a measurement of how large a wire is, either in diameter or cross sectional area. The smaller the number the larger the wire is. Headpins a headpin that is 18 gauge is thick where a 30 gauge headpin is thin and used for delicate pearls and gems.

When making earrings, the weight of the earrings is also very important. Whether you are using glass beads or gemstones, make sure that each earring does not weigh heavily on the earlobe. Too heavy and the earring can tear the ear lobe.

Compliment with Shape
Consider the face shape of the person who will wear the earrings. For round faces, try making long or triangular earrings.  For heart shaped faces try to make pear shaped earrings, and oval faces can wear just about anything other than super long earrings that elongates the face. Square shaped faces look best accessorized with soft curves and drop beads.

Shapes of beads can also influence the feel of your earrings. Create pattern and rhythm by adding more  similar beads to your earringsDIY Earrings. The relationship of elements gives a sense of rhythm.  Also 3D charms can add texture. Use elements with patinas for an old feel or shiny new items for a more sleek, modern look.

Compliment with Color
Again, the best type of earrings compliment one’s face. Beads will appear differently
next to certain skin tones so be sure to hold a strand of beads next to your face when choosing which beads to use.

Color Communicates
Warm Colors- Yellow, Orange, Red, energy
Cool Colors – Blue, Purple, Green, relaxed
Similar Colors- give the feeling of peace
Contrasting Colors- Across from each other on the color wheel. Draws more visual interest. Colors appear to change when placed next to lighter or darker colors because of contrast. A color looks lighter when placed next to a dark color. The same color looks darker when placed next to a light color.

I encourage you to go look at earrings in a different way…as earbobs. Study how they are put together, their color, their shape, their form.  Stay tuned for step by step directions how to make these fabulous little treasures!


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