Sugary Sweet Rings

Valentine’s Day is only one month away and it’s never too early to plan ahead. So I am inspired to make a bunch of sweet cabochon rings for the holiday. And to the honor the day even more, I’ve named each ring one of my favorite fictional heroines. You can view them at my Etsy Shop, each I’ve listed for only $4 and would make lovely Valentine’s Day gifts, yet are charming enough to be worn any season. It’s amazing what a few cabochons, buttons, ring backs and glue will create and what smiles it will bring! Stay tuned for some DIY Valentine projects and ideas!


1 thought on “Sugary Sweet Rings”

  • Jessica-

    My first thought when seeing these rings: “They look good enough to eat!”

    And actually…. for a split second I thought they were made from candy and frosting. I’m pretty sure my sweet-tooth has lost all restraint.

    How darling they are – well done! Keep creating!!

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