Yurts so Good

We were looking forward to Yurting for awhile now. Little man kept asking, “are we going camping today”?

We marked it on the calendar so he could keep track and Friday came before we knew it. We made a mad rush to get everything packed into the car so we could hit the road. We even forgot a few things since hubby and I had a few miss communications. So I think I’ll make a list here so next time I won’t forget a thing.

oregon coast, camping, yurt, beach


__4 Sleeping bag
__2 full Sheets, one twin
__4 Pillows


__Large water Jug
__Cooler with ice
__4 Canteens with water
__Stove with propane
__firewood/fire starter/newspaper
__Sauce Pan
__Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips
__Hot liquid cups for soups, oatmeal and drinks
__Coffee pot
__Heavy-duty aluminum foil
__Paper towels
__Trash bags
__Dish soap
__Clothes pins
__Ziploc bags
__Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon
__Can opener
__Dish pan
__Dish rags/towels
__Hot chocolate/tea bags/coffee


__Socks/extra socks
__Sleep clothes
__Rain gear
__Swim suit/towel


__Shower shoes/flip flops
__Soap in plastic case/shampoo
__Tooth brush/tooth paste
__Other personal items


__Letterboxing kit
__Fishing gear/license/bait
__Camp chairs
__First aid kit
__Park map/guidebooks/trail maps
__Lantern pole or hanger
__Pocket knife
__Rope/clothes line
__Reservations info./confirmation
__Cell phone/charger & 2-way radios/walkie talkies
__Money/ID/credit card/quarters
__Hand wipes
__first aid kit

It always amazes me how much stuff we pack to go camping. The nice part about having a yurt is that we don’t have to worry about if it rains, it’s warm since there are heaters inside each yurt, and there is less to pack. So many times we have woken up in a puddle of water and for us, it makes more sense to sleep in a yurt.

Beverly Beach</a data-recalc-dims=

We stayed at Beverly Beach which is really close to the beach and only a few miles away from Newport. The yurt was a bit dirty so we used antibacterial wipes to wipe down the surfaces when we arrived. We also like to bring sheets to cover up the vinyl bed mats so that it feels much more cozy and clean.

The first night and most of the next day was rainy. We walked to the beach

I took some photos of the family.

We then visited the Yaquina Bay.

Newport, Oregon, Yaquina bridge

Newport, Oregon, antiuqe mall, pirates plunderWe also stopped at Pirate’s Plunder a wacky novelty/antique store.

Then we visited the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Oregon…the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  It cost $7 for our family to visit and was well worth the small admission fee. We visited the information area and then headed to the lighthouse to climb to the top.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, OregonThe staircase was made of cast iron and was so intricate and beautiful. Here’s a view from the light.

Light, top of Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Then we headed down to the beach to get a close view of the tidepools.

tidepools, oregon, Yaquina Head

cobble beach, Yaquina Head Lighthouse

We were wet and cold so we headed to Flashbacks for some fish and chips.

Flashbacks foutain and grill, newport oregonIt was such a fun trip and an easy getaway for our family. If only the pile of laundry from the trip was as fun to tackle!

Where is your favorite family camping spot? Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine! 🙂

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