$50,000 bank acount

Drove up the the teller today and saw that someone forgot to take their receipt. The customer was long gone and curiosity got the best of me…I looked at the balance. $51,000 in checking. I wonder how much the person has in savings? I can’t help but be jealous.

If you tuned into my post, Frugal Living, Saving the DIY Way you’d know that we live a rather rich life of simpleton luxuries. However surely I’d love an account balance so large. So my mind naturally wonders how different my life would be with a lot of extra cash on hand.

And this is what I’d do:

Take a look at this uber cool, cabin built by Ryan Lingard and Mariah Morrow. Simply a stylish box this cabin is all I’d need for a nice relaxing getaway. The couple built it themselves and only paid $10,000. Surely I could build it for less with recycled materials, although I love the look of this little space. The couple found land at Wallowa Lake and paid $47,000 for the land. After two years of planning and dreaming they set to work building their cozy cabin.

Want to see more?

And the best of them all…

The beauty of the outdoors. Just shows you with a little bit of DIY know-how you can build something spectacular. Keep on dreaming friends because you never know what you will create!

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