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Saint Brigid’s Cross, an Irish Cultural Craft Night

Saint Brigid’s Cross, an Irish Cultural Craft Night

Cultural Craft Night: Saint Brigid’s Cross 2/26, 6:30-7:30pm DIY Studio is excited to announce Cultural Craft Nights, sponsored by Marion Cultural Development Corp. At Cultural Craft Night, we’ll teach arts education, cultural connection, and environmental awareness through making art with reused materials. For those who 

Kids Club DIY Kickoff

Kids Club DIY Kickoff

2/15, 2:00-3:00pm We are kicking off the first DIY.org kids club in Salem Oregon. This exciting opportunity allows children to explore their interests, meet others who share the same passions,  get their hands dirty, and generally be awesome. Visit DIY Studio to learn more about 

After School Special: Valentines

After School Special: Valentines

2/5, 4:00pm-5:30pm It’s always a mad rush to get Valentines ready before the special day…DIY Studio to the rescue! Children 8 and older are invited to create earth-friendly Valentines, learn simple techniques, and put those skills into action to create enough to share with classmates. 

13 Nights of Halloween, Community Craft

Okay all you Salemites, how many of you have heard of Culture Shock’s 13 Nights of Halloween? Timed perfectly for the dark, dank nights of October, this event (err series of events) is something worth celebrating. There is excitement planned for everyone whether you seek 

Community Craft Night, Halloween Style

My favorite holiday approaches so does the funtastic Halloween activities scheduled by Culture Shock, Salem’s most interesting motley crew of trend setters. One of the events scheduled included a community craft night where friends and families gathered to create festive paper treat cones. It was 

Celebrating Each Birthday

Many times our children’s birthday parties do not fall on their actual birthdays. So to make up for this, we like to celebrate actuall birthdays with a couple of traditions. One fun way of us celebrating is covering the birthday boy or girl’s door frame 

History of Letterboxing

After learning of the history, the term Letterboxing makes a bit more sense. Picture yourself circa 1845 England. You are a dandy, Victorian chap named James Perrott and you place a bottle and your calling card in an obscure and difficult to find location at 

Happy Halloween

Hope you’re having a wonderful Halloween with your family!

Fresh Start Cider

Nothing is better than fresh cider in the fall. Lucky for me I have a conscience-stricken hubby who got coffee (something the both of us are trying to cut out of our lives) and to offset his error (and appease his unpredictable caffeine depraved wife) 

First Day of School

Little Missy is now in second grade and is sporting her jack-o-lantern smile and sassy new haircut. She’s excited, but poor brother has to wait another week to start Kindergarten.

Family Roadtrip to the Wildlife Safari

Since I wasn’t feeling too great when hubby was on vacation from work, we decided to take it easy but still have fun with the kids. The Wildlife Safari was just what the doctored ordered. I was able to relax, sit on my tukus, and 

Peach Honey

I have a surprise for you. My most favorite thing that comes from a jar is peach honey and I’ll walk you through how to make it. Have you ever had Peach Honey (aka peach preserves)? It’s decadent, it’s heavenly, it’s perfectly peachy. It’s great 

Songs that Bring Me Back

Songs that Bring Me Back

It was a day of reminiscing thanks to our local Grocery Outlet. Not the most glamorous store but I like checking out random home goods, cheap cheese, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (really is there anything else needed in life?) Strolling down the aisles 

Tackle it Tuesday- Gearing up for the Art Fair

Tackle it Tuesday- Gearing up for the Art Fair

Have you been to Salem’s Art Fair and Festival? If not, you are missing out on the fun. This weekend, July 16-18th, Bush’s Pasture Park will be transform into an outside gallery with over 200 artists and craftspeople from around the nation. There are live