Wings of Wonder

butterfly 037We visited a very magical place last week, Wings of Wonder. Located off the beaten path in Independence, you’ll find butterfly utopia. Our tour included an educational lecture about the lifespan of the butterfly as well as butterfly facts. I was surprised by the comical and gentle way the owner addressed the preschoolers. Children were able to hold caterpillars and then venture into the butterfly lab where exotic butterflies and moths were hatching from chrysalis and cocoons.

The most stunning part of the field trip was entering the butterfly habitat. Butterflies fluttered about while the children squealed with delight. There were even a few lucky kiddos that were able to hold these beautiful creatures. Look at this butterfly that I caught with his curly tongue hanging out.

I would definitely head back for another trip to Wings of Wonder. We were able to purchase some tiny painted lady caterpillars so we can watch them grow and make chrysalis at home as well.

Note: do not use goggle maps for directions to Wings of Wonder or you may be lead down a gravel road (which I guess is an adventure all of its own).

Wings of Wonder

5978 Willamette Ferry St Independence, OR 97351
Phone: 503-838-0976

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