Baby Basil

It’s that time a year. When I dream of biting into huge juicy homegrown tomatoes, making pesto with my basil plants, and snapping off sugar peas to devour as an afternoon snack. It’s much too early for any of those dreams to happen quite yet, but I know with some patience and tending to the garden, the day will come.

It was those little tinges of spring fever that sent me much too early to the nursery to pick up some basil and tomatoes. I recklacly planted those seedlings into my raised beds. When I ventured into the garden again, I saw my sweet friends limp and sad. I’m a killer. The poor basil couldn’t be saved, but the tomatoes have since tried their best to thrive.

So I had to do what any good gardener does….off to shop for more plants. Luckily the Bush Barn had a charity sale a few weekends back and I was able to scoop up some more basil (among other things) to add to my collection. This time, after listening to the advice of  a friend’s wise mother-in-law, I placed my seedlings in my window sill. I also re-potted them in white tea cups with little critters adorning (and watching over them). Now someone just has to let me know when it’s safe to plant these little suckers outside. Until then, I’ll enjoy the lovely view.